Our objective is to utilize chess to help students see the value of friendships, the benefits of hard work, and the rewards and impacts of finding solutions to difficult problems. As our future leaders, young people need to become effective decisions makers and productive citizens within the community. The game of chess provides an arena for positive social development of important life skills.

Chess Camps  At chess camp, we cover a range of topics including chess opening theory, middle game, and endgame techniques.

Chess Introduction This session gives an introduction to the game of chess.

Chess Tournaments Competitions that are open to the general public or by invitation only.

Chess For Beginners A class that teaches the essentials of the game of chess. This program is recommended for ages 8 and older. During this program we teach fundamental strategies related to the attack and the defense of the king. Checkmate, stalemate and piece development are important themes during these sessions. A brochure is available upon request.

The King Pursuit A class that teaches strategies related to restriction and attack. During this class students are taught how to recognize positions that present danger to the king. In chess, it is understood that the stronger player is the one with the greater sense for danger, so this program introduces students to positions that present problems for the king and a plan of action that can be used to solve them. Students are responsible for assignments outside of class. A brochure is available upon request.

Chess Team Development A class that teaches chess tournament preparation. This program starts by introducing  6 common tournament checkmates. The group is taught how to use them and how to defend against them.This program teaches several important tournament defenses.